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Recruitment, Development, Reducing Workforce


Giving selection advice (function aptitude test), based on job requirements or a competency profile determines the success rate of applicants. The individual assessment program provides information for the further development of the employee as well.


Advising on the career opportunities for employees, conducting strengths and weaknesses analysis, management potential assessment and to give direction for the next career steps. Psychological tools and the assessment center method is used here. These assignments are often about the binding of employees to the organization and maintaining motivation and employability. Companies also turn to Karelse Consultancy to carry out development assessments that are part of the management development program.

Advising employers on employees who do not function properly, psychological assessment is usually good starting point.

Often a career advice is followed by a brief counseling period. Coaching can be useful in different situations. An employee who is not really ready for the function can, with targeted support, “pick up” his function. Similarly, job counseling can be necessary to reverse threatening dysfunction.

Reducing workforce

Advising employers in situations where the organization has to reduce its work force. This includes thought being given to a good way of enlisting outplacement agencies, or accompanying employees, in helping them find a new employer and develop tools that go with it (employability assessment). For individual “cases,” employers rely on the experience of Karelse Consultancy to ensure, employees who “threaten” to become superfluous are able to continue their careers elsewhere.