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Vitality, Assessment, Coaching

Vitality of workforce, assessment to select the right peopleKarelse Consultancy focuses on assisting companies with:

  • Vitality of the workforce by implementing programmes to keep people employable in a durable way. Vitality of older employees is a hot item, now that the retirement age is becoming higher.
  • Assessment to select the right people for a job-vacancy.
  • Coaching to develop employees.
  • Outplacement to take leave of an employee in a socially responsible way. A package in the form of money is nice, but this does not bring a new job closer. The outplacement of Karelse Consultancy focuses on finding a suitable job as soon as possible.

Karelse Consultancy assists companies to improve the vitality, employability and performance of their workforce.

As a Labor and Organization Psychologist with years of experience in applying assessment techniques and counseling employees, Gerard Karelse works for many organizations, profit and nonprofit ones, to enhance and improve the performance and employability of employees.


Selecting the right people for a job-vacancy is done by applying psychological testing and assessment techniques in an established and proven method. In numerous studies the added value of this method is demonstrated.


Job coaching entails, in principle, about eight discussions and an assessment, it takes about 6 months, including 1 or 2 follow-ups.


Job coaching entails, in principle, about eight discussions and an assessment, it takes about one year, including the follow-up. Every job-coaching progress is different and therefore customized, meaning that the above is the starting point. After an informal open-ended conversation begins the identification of areas for development (or identifying the bottlenecks in the functioning). A concrete approach and a timetable is formulated.

However, sometimes it is desirable to accompany the employee for a longer period, for example if he/she needs a longer change process and a sounding board. Experience shows that sometimes only one or two discussions are needed. However, the starting point is that within the stated timetable of one year the employee can continue on his/her own. If a longer route is needed, a different approach or solution is often more appropriate. If this is the conclusion of the inventory, this alternative is indicated and substantiated.

Karelse Consultancy’s approach distinguishes itself, among others, by first identifying, which areas of development can and cannot be coached. Obviously, for this a broad psychological knowledge is necessary.

The Karelse Consultancy method means that development goals are recognized and accepted by the employee and that he cooperates as much as possible in behavioral terms. After the coaching, evaluation usually takes place with the superior and the employee concerned.

The observation areas covered by Karelse Consultancy focuses, among others, on the development of people’s management skills, collaboration skills and dealing with pressure (see Stress Management). Also, employees are guided in accepting leadership (boss management). On this subject attention is given in the Career Management Workshop.