Career counseling

To carry out career counseling, Karelse Consultancy uses a wide range of tools of psychological tests, questionnaires and interest assessment exercises.

A career-counseling process is custom-made and begins with an interview of the employee and his / her superior and/or HRM staff.

A typical question is whether the employee can take the next career step, and what he/she needs in terms of coaching and training to be able to further develop. Such a development assessment should offer clear positive points for the organization that wants to invest in its employee.

Very challenging and entertaining assignments are to find out what next steps best suits the skills and interests of the employee. This is possible within and outside the organization and includes a career choice investigation. Karelse Consultancy helps school-dropouts in making a good study choices. Naturally here a good knowledge of the labor market is needed.

Advice on a career-process can in principle be completed in one day, but often some follow-up sessions are planned and the candidate gets homework assignments. The results are first discussed with your employee. Often a triangle conversation follows with a HRM superior of the employee; the results and recommendations are discussed.